Loungefly Lessons: What is Debossing?

Loungefly Lessons: What is Debossing?
At Loungefly, our designers use many different techniques across our products that make them unique, collectible, and honestly… just beautiful to look at! These design elements are often called out in product descriptions or even in our Lets’s Talk Loungefly episodes, but there are so many different ways that we bring our bags to life. This educational Loungefly Lessons blog series will take the opportunity to breakdown and appreciate them all! 
Today’s topic: Debossing.  
Debossing is when a part of the bag is indented or recessed from the surface. Our Beatles Let It Be Vinyl Record Mini Backpack really showcases this technique. The “Let It Be” title creates an all-over design and separates it from the subtle texture of the bag itself. In this particular instance, debossing is used in a way that creates a design on the monochromatic black bag.  
Debossing can also be combined with additional techniques, like in the lower back graphic of the upcoming Harry Potter Triple Pocket Mini Backpack . The Hogwarts Crest is imprinted into the bag then filled with a gold foil offering a more luxe, unique detail.  
It can be used a little more subtly as well, as seen in the bubbles on in the SpongeBob SquarePants Jelly Fishing Mini Backpack. The debossed outline is also filled with a holographic foil making the bubbles really pop.
Debossing is just one of the design techniques our Loungefly artists and designers inject into our accessories. We love the textures and details it can add to a bag! As we continue this series, we are excited to highlight even more of what you love to see in our accessories. 

By: Tiffany Mink