6 Must-Have Items for Foodie Fans

6 Must-Have Items for Foodie Fans

If you know us well, you know we're big fans of sweet treats! From ice cream sundaes to sprinkled cupcakes, there's always something for food fans at Loungefly! Here are eight treats for foodie fans: 

1. Chip and Dale Treats Mini Backpack

2. Hello Kitty Cupcake Mini Backpack 

Hello Kitty Cupcake Mini Backpack

3. Minnie Mouse Cupcake Ears Headband

Minnie Mouse Cupcake Ears Headband

4. Chip and Dale Sweet Treats Crossbody Bag

Chip and Dale Donut Bag

5. Hello Kitty Sweet Treats Crossbody Bag

Hello Kitty Crossbody Bag

6. Minnie Mouse Cupcake Wallet

Minnie Mouse Cupcake Wallet

Be sure to share your Loungefly foodie favorites on social media with #Loungefly so we can see! Every week, we pick a Fan of the Week to be included in our newsletter, and you could be next!

By: Ilana McBride